Our Lamborghini

Currently, H Club Cars have two types of Lamborghini to transport you.

The Lambo Huracan V10 or the limited edition V12 Aventador SV Roadster.

Extremely rare, the very limited edition Aventador SV Roadster is an exclusive Hypercar / Supercar ready for your journey. For the maximum Lamborghini experience the roaring V12 engine of the Aventador SV will ensure you stand out from the crowd. With only 500 of these models made worldwide, exclusivity is at maximum.

Our Lamborghini Huracan is Left Hand Drive, meaning that when our chauffeur delivers you it gives the impression of the passenger driving. This is popular with Prom or Wedding arrival for our younger clients or those without a driving licence, but certainly a stylish car to arrive in for any destination and with prices lower than the Aventador SV.